Wexham Park Temporal Bone and Advanced Middle Ear Surgery Course 21st & 22nd May 2020

Advanced Middle Ear Surgery Course

A two-day practical course in temporal bone drilling and advanced techniques of middle ear surgery in a superbly equipped, purpose built, clinical skills laboratory on human temporal bones.

£450 per person (£800 if 2 people book together)

This laboratory-based course is aimed at consultants and all levels of trainees. The following techniques will be taught to small groups: stapes surgery, ossiculoplasty using a variety of prostheses, combined approach tympanoplasty, middle ear endoscopy, laser surgery and cochlear implantation/middle ear implants.

Course Organisers

Chris Aldren, Wexham Park

Olivia Whiteside, Wexham Park


Ian Bottrill, Oxford

John Oates, Burton

Sam McKeith, Oxford

Prof Richard Ramsden

Wexham Park is conveniently situated just off the M25 and M4 and only 10 minutes from Heathrow airport.

Applications and further details: o.whiteside@nhs.net